The 7 Seas

On the eve of destruction...

Threaten it with physical violence; or bribe it with money. This was the only way things got done. This was the way of the world.

It was a sad realization, but it was the entire truth to Aaro’n. This was the lesson his father had failed to teach him before his death. A lesson that he was bitterly learning, on his own, only now. A lesson he would never forget.

He continued to watch Father Francis at the gatehouse below from his perch. The father was talking to Rodrigo, the first watch Guardsman. Moving his hands as he had a habit of doing when he talked, Father Francis furtively looked over his shoulder as he pulled a small coin purse from the sleeve of his robes. He quietly placed the purse in Rodrigo’s leathered hand. Aaro’n’s head fell in disappointment as he realized his plans would not go as expected now, and his trust was no longer a commodity he could afford to give freely. He shook it off as he pulled the hood of his cloak up over his head to shield him form the damp air. As he slipped back into the night, he convinced himself that indeed he should consider himself lucky. You see, Aaro’n had also learned another equally important life lesson before this day. A vital lesson indeed: Always have a plan B.



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